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Privacy Policy

KIWI Education Centre (Hereafter referred to as "our school") places personal information is one of the most important factors to operate our business. Our school manages students’ personal information as follows in accordance with laws and regulations protecting personal information.

  1. [1. Definitions of Terms under this Policy]

    1. Personal Information
      Within the information our school manages, personal Information refers to the information that can identify you. This includes your name, address, phone number, email address, and any contents of your inquiries.
    2. Personal Data
      Within the information our school manages, Personal Data refers to the information that is organized in order for us to search for individuals on our computer system. This also refers to the information subjected in index or table of contents by applying some rules so that we can easily search.
    3. Retained Personal Data
      Within the information our school manages, Retained Personal Data refers to the information we created and organized which we have authority to disclose and modify. This does not include information we retain in less than six months and those relevant law defines.
  2. [2. Information Collection]

    Our school collects your personal information by legal and appropriate ways.

  3. [3. Usage of the Information]

    1. When our school collects your information, we clearly specify the purpose unless it is required by laws and regulations.
    2. Our school uses the information you provided in operating our business within the purpose we specified, unless it is required by laws and regulations.
    3. Our school may share your personal information with a third party and delegate the management of the information to that party. In such a case, we supervise the party and make sure they treat your personal information strictly.
  4. [4. Information Sharing and Disclosure]

    1. Our school does not share or disclose your information to a third party unless we obtain your consent in advance, or it is required by laws and regulations.
    2. There are some cases we may share your information without your consent by necessity. In such cases, we stop sharing your information in accordance with the laws and regulations, upon your request.
  5. [5. Information Protection]

    Our school securely manages students’ information as follows.

    We implement reasonable countermeasures against unauthorized access and computer viruses to prevent personal information from being lost, destroyed or manipulated.

  6. [6. Disclosure, Correction and Suspension of Information]

    Our school is aware that students themselves have the right to disclose, correct, and suspend information. In the case of you requesting us to disclose, correct, or suspend, we act immediately.

  7. [7. Laying Down and Operating the Privacy Policy]

    To operate this policy, our school has laid down internal rules regarding the protection and management of personal information. We will continue to refine the rules when necessary.

  8. [8. Changes to our Privacy Policy]

    This policy is effective from the day it is published on this page. We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time without notice in accordance with laws and regulations or when we decide it is necessary to do so. (The most current version of the policy will be published on our website.)

  9. [9. Contact]

    If you have questions about this privacy policy, please contact us by phone.